SESSION 1 (Chair, Inmaculada Medina)


Keynote: Search-Based Software Engineers Need Tools, Gordon Fraser. Presented by Francisco Chicano.

Coffee Break

Keynote: The Truth is Out There: Reflections on Search in Software Engineering, Chris Simons. Presented by José Raúl Romero.


SESSION 2 (Chair, Raúl Romero)

SBSE Newcomers Activity I

City Tour

Gala Dinner

SESSION 3 (Chair, Francisco Chicano)

Seminar: Data Analysis in Software Engineering with R, Javier Dolado

Coffee Break

Conference: Optimization of LLVM-Based Code using Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms, Bernabé Dorronsoro

There is Always Room for One More, and for Many More, Aurora Ramírez


SESSION 4 (Chair, Sergio Segura)

Automatic Generation of Reactive Test Cases for Testing Cyber-Physical Systems, Aitor Arrieta

Evolutionary Mutation Testing Applied to Object-Oriented Systems, Pedro Delgado

Functional testing of Big Data programs using a combinatorial algorithm, Jesús Morán

Coffee Break

Test-Suite Automatic Generation through Automatic Seeding for WS-BPEL 2.0, Valentín Liñeiro

SBSE Newcomers Activity II


SESSION 5 (Chair, Francisco Palomo)

Seminar: The EXEMPLAR and STATService Tools for Experimental Software Engineering, José Antonio Parejo

Coffee Break

Conference: Search-Based Software Project Scheduling, Francisco Chicano